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About Business Bestie Book Club

What is Business Bestie Book Club?

We’re an intentional community of women learning and growing together through reading books and participating in small group dialogue. Each month we learn more about ourselves, our businesses, and the world around us through selected personal and professional development book topics.

What we're reading this month:


Is Business Bestie Book Club for you?

Are you a high-achieving woman: 

  • who thrives off of community and engagement with other women?
  • who would benefit from greater focus and a community of women to hold you accountable for accomplishing your goals?

  • who craves knowledge and is ready to take immediate action so you can grow your goals?

Are you looking for:

  • a community committed to personal and professional development?

  • accountability and fast action assignments to help you grow your brand, business, and boldness to accomplish your goals?

  • monthly readings to help you grow into a woman who is ready and able to achieve all of her goals?


How the Business Bestie Book Club works:

The Business Bestie Book Club is a community for women who are committed to coming together to learn and grow through a semi-structured book club format. You grab your book each month and we’ll provide the book club reading guide and the personal and professional development homework, as well as intentional accountability to help you finally get on track with your goals. 

You’ll have daily access to our 24-hour community and we’ll come together bi-weekly as a group for a live discussion and dialogue about what we’re learning from each month's book. You won’t find this anywhere else.

We’ll cover a wide range of book topics like:

Personal Development

Business and Professional Development




As a member of the Business Bestie Book Club you’ll receive: 

[Flat lay image of wine glass, coffee mug + tumbler]

  • wine glass, coffee mug, or tumbler with signup
  • private community and mobile app
  • bi-weekly Zoom calls
  • Fast Action Homework with lessons from each book 


Upcoming Reads:


Believe Bigger: Discover the Path to Your Life Purpose 

by Marshawn Evans Daniels 


Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine 

by Mike Michalowicz


Big Idea Food: A Weekly Devotional for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers & Dreamers 

by Marlena Banks

How Business Besties was formed:

It is truly a shame that it took us this long to come together on a project because we have so much in common: being big sisters, loving Beyoncé, reading books, and enjoying a good bourbon to help us unwind. Through our love of serving women, developing impactful businesses, and making money, this relationship has blossomed. Introduced by other women in the business world, we began to rely on one another for accountability and idea generation during our weekly business bestie calls. After months of growing and developing together, we thought to expand our circle and invite other women to build community, gain accountability, and grow along with us.

About your Business Besties:

Bree Johnson

I’m a big sister, digital marketing strategist, web designer, owner of TBJ Digital Consulting and TBJ Brands, and a serial connector of women. I exist to motivate women to improve their mindset, money, and mental health so they can master their lives. I’ve been starting small businesses since I could talk and I’ve always seen myself becoming the CEO of a successful conglomerate. Growing up, “playing business” was my favorite game and I’ve always loved new school supplies. I have worked for several local and national organizations where I used my master’s degree in marketing and advertising communications to develop digital marketing campaigns and strategies to connect businesses with the people who need them most.

Through TBJ Digital Consulting and TBJ Brands, I continue to use my love of connectivity to bring women (and girls!) together through business strategies, books, blogs, and mentorship. When I’m not connecting women, you can find me connecting with loved ones, hosting kickbacks and BBQs, drinking Irish mules, or dancing to the latest R&B and trap music. My love of making connections is why I exist and the superpower that I intend to use to motivate, inspire, and change the world around me.

Ashley AsShire

I’m a big sister, empath, acting vice president of the #Beyhive and founder of Schoolin Life and Mentor Me platforms. My primary passions revolve around home décor and design, hosting house parties, and fostering hilarious and insightful conversations through podcasting and mentoring new and mid-level professional women in their career advancement. My love for schoolin’ others and professional development started at a young age, as my favorite childhood game was “playing school.” Now I don’t play but do; I turned the game into reality. I earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration in 2015 and currently serve as the director of student affairs at a prominent R1 research institution in the Northeast and as a faculty member in the university’s College of Education. Schoolin Life and Mentor Me have forced me to be more honest, introspective, and compassionate. Knowing that these always growing platforms serve as a resonating sounding board for others, inspires me more every day.